Key Benefits of Similac Every Step of the Way

Similac Gold 3 – for Children 1-3 years old.

Between 1 and 3 years of age, a baby will learn to bang two blocks together, kick a ball, turn pages in a book , an say 8-10 words that are understandable.

Cognitively, he will begin to sort by shape and color and will be more and more enthusiastic about the company of other children. Growth continues to be rapid and energy needs continue to grow. Increasing independence may influence food choices, with some toddlers becoming picky about what they eat .

Similac Gold 3


Similac Gold 4 – for Children 3+ years old.

A child at 3 years of age can hop and stand on one foot , copy square shapes , understand “ same “ and “ different “, and speak in 5 to 6 word sentences . He will be able to use scissors and can correctly name some colors. He may know a few numbers, can dress and undress himself, and enjoy inventive and fantasy play , His nutritional needs change as he grows .

Similac Gold 4